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Almanac Teams: The (not quite so) Famous Fives (1980- )

Back onto the more obscure names this week, Rodney Boyd’s team for the bearers of Number 5 has some excellent footballers who’ve done interesting things.

Switching football loyalties: Transitioning from the Fitzroy Lions to the North Melbourne Kangaroos, 1997

Following Fitzroy’s demise at the end of 1996, Philip Mendes switched allegiances. Here he gives a round-by-round account of his first season supporting the Kangaroos.

Almanac Teams: In Two Minds (1980-)

We’ve had his top side in Number 2s, now Rodney Boyd shares his cult heroes and generally interesting names who played wearing the number in the past 40 years.

Almanac Teams: Return to sender

Here’s a new Almanac Team from Rodney Boyd, it’s his best list of players who returned to a former club (from the 1980s onward). [A surprisingly long list of fine players! Ed.]

AFL 1998 – Twenty Years On: North Melbourne Kangaroos (2nd)

Like North did at half time of the 1998 Grand Final, Swish has hit the wall. Help him out with your reflections of the nicer members of this list.

Almanac Memoir: Cold mornings, clearing torps and the limitations of lankiness

Matthew Naqvi gives an account of his childhood footy experiences demonstrating that having meat on the bone is an under-rated footy attribute.

Kanga Kings : North Melbourne’s Best 22 (1997-2014)

Phillip Mendes submits his best North Melbourne side from the years of Kanga glory; 1997 – 2014. Who’s in, who’s out? Blakey? Longmire? Schwass? Did C or B Sholl get a guernsey?

It’s Footy Time Again

Missing the footy? Cast your mind back to the start of the season, when everything seemed possible, and old Fitzroy supporter Philip Mendes was musing on the experience of changing team allegiance. It’s not too early to get excited about anticipating next year…

Obituary: Season 2013

The Shinbone Spirit carried North Melbourne through pitiful decades and into defining eras. Matt Watson says Brad Scott has tried to kill it.

It’s Business Time!

As the 2011 AFL season draws towards a close, this weekend sees two massive knockout games which genuinely could go either way. Injuries play a massive part in trying to determine who will get over the line this week. There is nothing more frustrating than getting injured at key times and missing big games; I [Read more]

The true key to AFL premiership glory

What is the biggest guide to which club will achieve premiership success in the AFL this season? Most people would suggest winning form is the key. While those more superstitious might say that luck on the day is all that is needed? Well, it is neither of the above, nor is it anything else that [Read more]

North v Freo preview

    I’m thrilled to be writing my second blog of the year for Footy Alamanac, after previously writing just before Round 2.   It has been a year of ups and downs for both Fremantle and North Melbourne. The boys in Purple started strongly but have slipped as the season goes on; in their [Read more]

North Melbourne vs West Cost/Collingwood

By Corey McKernan The season is up and under way, and Round One saw yet another brilliant, tight clash between North Melbourne and the West Coast Eagles. Looking ahead to round two, North come up against my childhood side, Collingwood, and I thought it would be appropriate to share my experiences as a North player [Read more]

The Much-Maligned

It’s hard to find an article covering the woes of the Etihad Stadium surface without the term “much-maligned” being front and centre. I must admit to having been a “much-maligned” enthusiast for many years – dating back to the early days of Corey McKernan when he, much like the Etihad surface now, appeared to have [Read more]

Roos put on a Friday Night Special

25 years of Friday night football. Pioneered by North Melbourne, people will always remember seeing the Krakouer brothers, Wayne Carey, Anthony Stevens, Mick Martyn, Corey McKernan, David King, Glenn Archer, Shannon Grant and the like strutting their stuff on the big stage of Friday night. Sadly though, North have not received their fair share of [Read more]

Footy: North’s best matches of recent years

By Josh Barnstable After reading a couple of stories on the Almanac about rivalry and how teams stack up against others in terms of a rivalry, I decided to dedicate this piece to some of the great games that North Melbourne have played against the other teams in the league over the past few years.

AFL Round 18: Sadly, Roos fail to send Simmo out with a win

by Roseann Testagrossa Early last week, former North Melbourne captain and dual premiership player, Adam Simpson, announced his retirement, effective after the round 18 game against Carlton.  When I first heard I was disappointed, because I thought he still had plenty to contribute as a player.  The consensus among North supporters seemed to be that [Read more]

North Melbourne’s 15 top Home and Away victories 1997-2020

In his latest monumental effort, Phil Mendes recounts the matches he considers to be North Melbourne’s 15 greatest triumphs since he started following them in 1997.

It was 22 Years Ago Today

Sam Steele remembers the brilliant 1995 ANZAC-eve match between Richmond and North Melbourne and hopes for another stunner tonight.

Round 23 – Collingwood v Essendon: The last game of the year

Jim Kesselschmidt makes a cracking debut for the Floreat Pica Society in the last Collingwood game of the year. [Wonderful story of family, history, meaning – Ed].